Resource Manager

Why Norming Resource Manager

Norming Resource Manager is a web-based & mobile app time tracking and expense reporting software for Sage 300. By enabling web browser-based entry and approval of timesheet and expense report, it provides the real-time visibility into project costs, facilitates cost allocation, accelerates billing cycles and increases employee productivity with Sage 300.

Norming Resource Manager provides a powerful, flexible and complete tool for managing and tracking employee’s expense, time usage and leave with Sage 300 ERP.

Norming Resource Manager comes with the Front-End and Back-End applications. The Front-End application is a web-based Employee Self Service portal, where employees can enter expense reports, cash advance requests, timesheets and leave requests via a web-browser, and managers can review these documents from employees and make approval or rejection via a web-browser or mobile app.

Fully based on Sage 300, the Back-End application maintains the basic files, system options and approval workflows to run Norming Resource Manager. After employees’ timesheets, expense, requisitions and overtime reports are approved, the Back-End users can post these documents directly to Sage 300 modules.



  • Provides 100% web-based Employee Self-Service portal.
  • Enters timesheet and expense report anytime and anywhere with detail comments.
  • Sets up multi-level approval workflow for timesheet, expense and leave request.
  • Posts timesheet and expense report to Sage 300 ERP automatically.
  • Facilitates document submission and approvals with email notification.
  • Sets up multi-level approval workflow for timesheet, expense and leave request.
  • Full multi-currency support for expense reporting and reimbursement.

Approval Workflow

  • Provides a powerful and easy-to-maintain approval engine.
  • Allows user to set up multi-level approval path according to your organization rules.
  • Option to enable or disable approval path for employee.
  • Facilitates the approval process with automatic E-mail notification.


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