Project Management

We are specialists in various business management software solutions, but which solution is right for you? Here is an outline of our usual process

  • We visit your premises for an in depth evaluation of your business needs.
  • We return and discuss any issues with our technical department.
  • We draw up a comprehensive report on our meeting.
  • We send you a copy of the report outlining likely costs of the proposed solution.

This is how serious we take our commitment to finding the correct solution for your business. Making PLAN:IT Business Systems your chosen IT supplier can free up valuable time for the rest of your business life.

On Site Demonstrations

Our Pre Sales Consultants will demonstrate the proposed system for clarity and peace of mind. This can be carried out on site at your offices, or at our offices in Manchester. We show you in simple A-B-C steps how your new system will organise your precious time, money, stock, employees, customers, orders, deliveries and many more operations to answer that most common of all questions – HOW DO THEY (your competition) DO IT?

Online Demonstrations

Online meetings have never been easier, they’re more cost effective and more productive. Getting started with On-line demonstrations couldn’t be simpler. Meeting attendees don’t have to be registered users and you can attend our meetings for free.


A workshop study is a process that PLAN:IT Business Systems has designed which allows you to evaluate in detail the implementation of your chosen financial system before deciding whether to fully commit to the project or not. The process enables all parties to have a complete understanding of the underlying requirements and proposed solution.

How Long Will It Take

The length of time required depends on which level of financial solution is selected. The time taken will also depend on the availability of client staff. You can expect between 1-7 days of on-site consulting, where consultants from PLAN:IT Business Systems will need access to staff, systems and networks.

Some Areas To Be Covered In The Workshop

  • Project Approach
  • System Design
  • Data Migration
  • User Training
  • Project Schedules
  • Project Costs
  • Implementation Reviews

Just as important as the selection of your business system is the selection of your provider. Even the most sophisticated of systems is dependent on its implementation and ongoing support. That’s why PLAN:IT Business Systems believe project management is the sensible way to establishing our clients IT needs.