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Elite Integrations for Sage Training

Our certified Point of sale consultants who apply a hands-on approach are highly qualified and experienced. Getting the best out your Elite Integrations Point of Sale solution results in enhanced user confidence and productivity.

Elite Integrations – Sage POS Training & Services

Training on the use of elite Integrations ePOS can be at your premises or online via WebEx technology ensuring users can be confident in the operations of elite integrations ePOS in a matter of hours.

Most, but not all ePOS installations require an elements of customisation to enrich your ePOS solution to meet your exact needs, this is when our professional elite integrations consultants take you’re off the shelf solution and make the necessary changes to menu structures, discounts and Sage back office integrations to ensure you and your staff get the best ePOS solution to suit your individual needs.

To discuss our training services on Elite Integrations please call us on 0161 723 0999, or contact us using the form.

Elite Integrations consultancy from £448 per day or £64 per hour plus vat, travel & expenses.

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